Events & Exhibitions

Events & Exhibitions

Events and Exhibitions at Studio 3

Whether there is a larger expo that you want to be a part of, or you have the chance to set up some form of the base of operations at an event, Studio 3 can help you. Our creative agency located in Business Bay, Dubai, UAE is the key to developing unforgettable and informative presences at events. We can design a customized, completely reusable area that can be used to inform potential clients of your new products or to educate them about existing ones. Let us show you how we can help your company get established at exhibitions today.

We Set Up Corporate Exhibitions

One of the first ways that Studio 3 can help other companies is by establishing a company’s presence at an exhibition in Dubai and beyond. Since our offices are in Dubai and it’s one of the fastest-growing cities, we know that companies want to be involved with the major expos that take place here. We have the knowledge to help you get the permissions required to establish any sort of booth or display that you’d like. Additionally, we can make sure to use every bit of space to optimize the overall impact that you’re able to have on the potential clients that visit you at the show.

Studio 3 Can Plan and Develop Events

Studio 3 is an expert at helping you plan events for your company as an individual entity. If you’re opening the doors to your business for a day and want customers to have a place to learn more about your products and work, we can help. Studio 3 has incredibly dedicated individuals working all the time to work with your floor plan and budget to provide you with a great area to host guests. You don’t just get a basic experience with our company, though. We will help you provide a memorable experience for all the potential customers, so they know who to call when they need your services.

Maintain Brand and Company Vision      

Lastly, Studio 3 has experts in everything from signage and typography to videos and branding. We can make any event truly memorable by providing your event with any combination of these services, tying everything together. We have everything that you will need under one roof at Studio 3. Our company will be there with you every step of the way, so you have signs, matching logos, and color schemes for all of your merchandise and products that you plan to give away. All this and more are waiting for you after a brief consultation with our hardworking staff.

Gaining the trust of customers can be challenging if all you have is a stall at a larger exhibition. If you have the room, then we can provide a customized company area in which you can meet people, sample products, and educate customers all under one “roof.” Our dedicated staff works hard to provide quality outcomes that meet all your needs while also addressing your company’s deadlines. Give us the chance to impress you with our expertise today!

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Hello, we are Studio3, a boutique creative agency based in Dubai. We have gained a reputation for exceptional creativity, high quality design and tailor-made service. We believe in generating creative ideas and unique solutions together with our clients as one team. This is what makes us good at what we do, and what makes our clients happy to be associated with us. A small creative team with big ideas, our strength lies in delivering service that is professional, and at the same time fun and friendly.