Gulfstar Lubricants

Gulfstar Lubricants Branding

The scope of work: Brand identity and guideline, Photography, website design and development

Gulfstar Lubricants, a quality lubricant provider that delivers superior engine protection and performance. It’s a brand that is supported by the technological know-how and expertise of Oryx Lubes and Greases Ltd. FZC (OLG), ensuring reliability across every segment including automobile, industrial and marine. With a vast range of products and services & by leveraging standard international specifications with qualified staff, Gulfstar Lubricants is on its way towards rapid growth.

Client brief:

The main aim of Gulfstar lubricants was to attract a new set of the potential target audience to its brand while making existing customers feel at home. Which is why they were looking for an ideal brand positioning strategy and an enhancement for the face of their brand i.e. their brand identity. Moreover, they were in search of building a likeable brand personality as it will be portrayed in every part of their brand identity if they get it right. For this reason, brand personality would have a huge impact on the voice and tone used in their marketing materials and other communications. If their brand personality isn't well established, the target audience/customers will get mixed messages and have difficulty connecting with their brand.

Further, to streamline their brand name consistently, GulfStar Lubricants required strong support in terms of photography & design and development for their website. A website that not only proves to be resourceful in marketing and advertising but increase leads & sales, along with attracting lifetime clients to their business.


The formation of a new brand from scratch is always an exciting challenge for us. We at Studio 3 strongly believe in rethinking the category and proposing a disruptive visual approach being an essential move to compete in an existing market with other competitive lubricant brands. The client’s big ambitions for the brand made the challenge event more motivating for Studio 3.


Our solution:

We provided Gulfstar with a complete branding package, right from creating a distinguished brand identity & personality to brand positioning, creating a guideline, a unique brand voice, top-class photography, website design and development, product designing & product catalog…. Overall, a perfect brand facelift that Gulfstar was indeed looking for!. We started off with a well-thought strategic positioning, all the visual and graphic elements evolved from the same conceptual platform as the brand’s vision – ‘To be known for its superior quality and trusted for its performance’.

Studio 3 interpreted and translated this vision across the brand’s entire visual language by blending definitive elements of the brand, such as the logo, typography & graphics including pack photography & finally 360° communication as well.

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